Transparency Sells Better Than Perfection

As it turns out, it also leads better, retains better, grows better, and creates advocates better, too!

Can the perception of the sales profession be brought back to where it was 120 years ago, when it was not only trusted and respected, it was also admired?

As could only happen to a nerd, a consumer research study changed my answer. Like a lunatic, I left my award-winning sales leadership career and wrote a book. I believe I’ve found the closest thing to a silver bullet in sales – transparency.

I now speak and teach the methodology that is transparency for sales and revenue leadership. Come along?

Questions? Please Feel Free To Reach Out!

Questions? Please Feel Free To Reach Out!


“If the truth won’t sell it, don’t sell it.”

That quote, from sales philosopher Arthur Dunn in 1919, says it all. Honesty and transparency isn’t just the right thing to do, it also sells better, retains better, grows better, creates advocates better, and leads better.

It’s my nerdery. My goal is to just get these ideas out into the world. I write about it – a LOT – and none of it is gated, hoping to open doorways to simple solutions to everyday revenue growth challenges. Check it out…and/or sign up for the newsletter.


Bite Sized (free) Video Nerdery

Growing up in sales, traditional sales training and learning hurt my little brain. As a revenue leader, spending 6-figures on intensive training that was hard to make stick, but with inevitable turnover, became quickly diluted never felt right. 

I’ve tried to design everything I do to be easily consumable, relatable, and instantly actionable. Learn it in the morning, try it in the afternoon, see the results in days, use it for the rest of your career.  Here’s a collection of videos and interviews to get you started.


Need an outside voice for your sales kickoff,  conference or event? Something entertaining, super relatable, and immediately actionable? Would love to be a resource for you and your team!


One part entertaining (ok, I’m biased), one part head-slapping “Of course I should be doing this!”, and one-part immediately actionable, customized workshops for your customer facing teams and your leaders.


Need something to listen to? Short monologue lessons on the modern history of sales.

What People Are Saying

Unsolicited Testimonials, Feedback & Endorsements

Todd Kelley

Todd Trained me at ExactTarget in 2013 and I’ve since heard him speak twice in the last 6 months and am so impressed by The Transparency Sale. Our entire sales team owns the book because we find Todd’s approach to be easy to understand and, most importantly, it works!

Scott Ingram

Nearly everything that spills out of Todd Caponi’s mouth is extraordinarily valuable! Just lucky that he regularly shares some of those insights on The Daily Sales Tips Podcast.

Melissa Gindling

Todd joined our virtual Sales Kickoff for two separate sessions. In our post SKO survey, we received a 90% approval rating for both sessions (and the other 10% of responders didn’t attend his session as some sessions were optional). This is INCREDIBLE!

Chad MacKendrick

“You’ll receive an A+ effort, be entertained, and learn something new each time you engage with Todd. I can’t recommend him strongly enough!

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The Transparent Sales Leader

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