Transparency Sells Better Than Perfection

As it turns out, it also leads better, retains better, grows better, and creates advocates better, too!

A multi time successful sales leadership professional. An inspiring teacher / trainer. A sought after board member. A trusted mentor. A popular sales and behavioral/decision science commentator, writer and speaker.

Todd Caponi could be described as any of the above. But what makes him unique is that he is all of the above.

Now, he spends his time as a speaker & workshop leader, also CEO & Founder of Sales Melon LLC. teaching (primarily tech) company’s salespeople and leaders how to provide quick, easy-to-implement ways to thrive in any environment!

Questions? Please Feel Free To Reach Out!

Questions? Please Feel Free To Reach Out!


Sales & Revenue Leadership “Ungated”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been enamored with behavioral and decision science, applied to my love for sales and leadership; opening doorways to simple solutions to everyday revenue growth challenges.

My goal is combining a passion for bringing the sales profession back to a trusted and respected place, coupled with helping everyone in it to maximize their own success. Free, ungated insights, tips and thoughts on making growth considerably easier.


Todd Caponi’s Podcast –
The Sales History


Todd Caponi’s Video Tips & Interviews

For as long as I can remember, I have been enamored with behavioral and decision science. combined with a love for sales philosophy. I love to help open doorways to simple solutions to everyday sales, leadership and learning challenges.

So, that’s what I do: when I am not speaking, doing virtual events, or teaching a workshop…  I love to blog, record podcasts or jump in front of the camera and create videos – in hopes of offering insights, tips, thoughts on making the sales process considerably easier.


Increase performance, build winning sales campaigns, & reach your business goals with Todd Caponi’s sales and leadership keynotes.


Todd Caponi’s customized training workshops that give your organization a lasting mindset and leadership skills for profitable growth .

Virtual Solutions

Todd Caponi’s customized virtual keynotes and workshops to help your organization sales grow.

What People Are Saying

Unsolicited Testimonials, Feedback & Endorsements

Todd Kelley

Todd Trained me at ExactTarget in 2013 and I’ve since heard him speak twice in the last 6 months and am so impressed by The Transparency Sale. Our entire sales team owns the book because we find Todd’s approach to be easy to understand and, most importantly, it works!

Scott Ingram

Nearly everything that spills out of Todd Caponi’s mouth is extraordinarily valuable! Just lucky that he regularly shares some of those insights on The Daily Sales Tips Podcast.

Melissa Gindling

Todd joined our virtual Sales Kickoff for two separate sessions. In our post SKO survey, we received a 90% approval rating for both sessions (and the other 10% of responders didn’t attend his session as some sessions were optional). This is INCREDIBLE!

Chad MacKendrick

“You’ll receive an A+ effort, be entertained, and learn something new each time you engage with Todd. I can’t recommend him strongly enough!

Todd Caponi’s New Book!

The Transparent Sales Leader

Now Available Wherever You Buy Your Books!

Todd Caponi’s New Book!

The Transparent Sales Leader

Now Available!