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Who Is Todd? What Does He Do? What Doesn’t He Do? For Whom?


For as long as I can remember, I have been enamored with behavioral and decision science research.

Combine that with my love for sales methodology/philosophy and learning theory, I’ve opened doorways to simple solutions to everyday sales, leadership and learning challenges.

So, that’s what I do: speak, teach, advise and write – in hopes of making the sales profession considerably more respected while making the B2B buying journey a more confident and frictionless experience.

Who do you typically work with? The majority of our clients are mid-sized and larger (>$20M in revenue), with a primary focus in the technology and technology services industries.  

What is the problem you solve? True clinical empathy for how we as human beings engage, prioritize, decide and buy is hard to find in sales & revenue leadership. In sales, we end up with longer sales cycles, lower win rates (lots of status quo losses), and low levels of trust and advocacy. In revenue leadership, we end up rudderless, with low team engagement, spotty turnover and lower than optimal performance. We can fix that – in a fun, head-slapping, and immediately actionable way.

What don’t you do? Our client engagements are primarily focused on optimizing your messaging, positioning, negotiations and leadership. While I do have opinions and suggestions to optimize your top-of-funnel prospecting and outreach, there are others who do that better. Reach out for recommendations.  I also do not do 1-on-1 consulting.

Questions? Please Feel Free To Reach Out!

Questions? Please Feel Free To Reach Out!

7x Sales Leader | Former VP of WW Sales of the Year | Nerd

What do you do? Through keynotes, workshops and the deployment of an overall Transparency Sale methodology, I bring behavioral insights (with a sprinking of sales history) into how we as human beings engage, prioritize, decide and ultimately buy.

Everything is designed to be part engaging & entertaining (ok, I’m biased), part head-slappingly insightful, and part immediately actionable…

…learnings applied to the way you message, position, present, negotiate and lead! 

Who is Todd Caponi? Todd is the author of the 3x best-book-award-winning and international best-seller, The Transparency Sale, and the new bestselling book, The Transparent Sales Leader. Todd is a multi-time C-Level sales leader, a behavioral science and sales history nerd, and has guided two companies to successful exits. He now speaks and teaches revenue organizations and their leaders on leveraging transparency and decision science to maximize their revenue capacity as Principal of Sales Melon LLC.

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What Todd’s Clients Are Saying

Kyle Himmelwright

You were the voted the most interesting/impactful/valuable presenter of the 2-day kick-off by an overwhelming margin. One of our salespeople, who has been in sales for 30 years, said that you were the best speaker he has seen in his career.

Jeff Rosset

Do yourself a favor…buy Todd’s book + listen to him speak. Todd’s basically the Steve Jobs + George Washington + Steven Spielberg + Michael Jordan of sales leaders. He’s kinda good.

Neil Miklusak

The overwhelming response was that you are one of the most interesting and powerful speakers many had ever seen.

Anna Cockell

“You have been the best partner to work with and the negotiation training is the best I’ve seen – the team continues to rave about it!”