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How Transparency & Clinical Empathy Can Be Your Revenue Superpower

Combining Behavioral Science With Specific Actions To Optimize cycle lengths, win rates & qualification in or OUT.

Consensus selling is hard. Consensus buying is harder. Considering how our buyers all, for the most part, are continuing to be working remotely like you, their journey has become considerably more difficult.

And what’s making it even worse? When making a decision, our brains subconsciously stack the deck towards the easier path. In this session, we’ll explore the science of how decisions get triggered in our brains and true (beyond the cliche) buyer empathy, then reveal simple ways to stack the deck back in your direction.

Learning Outcomes:

Attendees will walk away from this session with a core understanding of how the brain engages, prioritizes and decides. We’ll then explore simple ways to optimize for the buying brain in their prospecting, positioning and messaging. They will gain easy-to-implement ways to remove friction from the buying journey you take prospects and customers on to shift the deck towards action!

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Salespeople Ruin Everything! If We Don’t Know Sales History, Are We Doomed To Repeat It?

With sales technology exploding, revisiting a time when sales technology was truly changing the entire game & learning those lessons can only help us put modern tech to optimal use.

Today, it is said that a sales technology revolution is upon us. Is it? The original sales technology revolution brought us the telephone, and salespeople ruined it. The next sales technology revolution brought us email, and salespeople ruined it once again.

Today, all the rage is around optimizing our ‘sales stacks” with the piles of technologies available to us all. Are we using them from the right perspective – that of making the buying journey more effective? Or, are we using them purely from a selling perspective, all for “scale”?

In this session, we’ll go back in time, exploring the early days of “modern” selling when sales was a trusted & admired profession. We’ll explore how technology impacted the effectiveness and perception of the profession, and how to use technology today for good, not evil.

Learning Outcomes:
Attendees will walk away from this session with a fresh perspective on the role of technology, a way to prioritize and optimize their own “sales stacks”, and a true empathy for the buying brain.

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Justin Michael

Todd Caponi is one of the best there is in the world. If I hadn’t received training at the Salesforce Boot Camp many years ago, I wouldn’t be the seller/speaker/presenter I am today! People talk a lot about how nobody retains sales training, I can still perfectly remember nearly everything he taught us and that was nearly a decade ago. #ThanksTodd

Bryan Naas

Todd brings a level of passion, expertise, and storytelling that is nearly impossible to replicate. Our reps were as engaged as I’ve ever seen them. Weeks later, I still hear them referencing their notes and discussing the tips they picked up during his session.

Jason de Boer

Todd Caponi is my favorite sales guru. Love when he gets going during his presentations. His energy is infectious.

Jesse Ouellette

“Todd is a legend! He’s on my Mount Rushmore of Sales. Maybe the best couple of hours I’ve ever spent in sales training. Todd was real & legit. I already bought the book and am reading it, and look forward to bringing him back!”

The Transparent Sales Leader: Why the “Great Resignation” is Happening, and How To Fix It

There’s a reason why, according to the US Department of Labor Statistics, more people are changing jobs today than at any time since they started measuring.

The dynamics of March 2020 were a case study in the elements that intrinsically inspire us to show up every day, do our best, stay, and advocate on our company’s behalf. The emotional cost of a job change has never been lower, seeing as virtual connections are never as strong as interpersonal ones. The physical cost of a job change is also just as low, where your commute essentially stays exactly the same.

To date, the science tells me that we’ve over-indexed on certain elements that, while important, are NOT the key to why your team stays. We’re under-indexed on others that magnetize, inspire, and are unique to YOU and YOUR COMPANY.

Learning Outcomes:
In this session, you’ll learn the elements that make up what intrinsically inspire you and your team to stay, perform and advocate. We’ll then hone in on where we’ve under-indexed, and provide ways to optimize turnover, and be a desired destination for everyone who’s leaving other positions.

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