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Turn Transparency & Clinical Empathy Into Your Revenue Superpower

When you buy something online, you likely read reviews, right? But, are you one of those weirdos who skips the five-star reviews and goes right to the 4’s, 3’s, 2’s & 1’s? That doesn’t make you a weirdo, it makes you a human being. There’s a reason we all do that – which applies to when a website is acting as a salesperson, but even more profoundly, to when a human being is being the salesperson.

As it turns out, transparency sells better than perfection! A product with negative reviews right under it on a website sells better than a product with nothing but perfect 5-star reviews. In human-to-human selling, if your team is positioning your solutions as perfect, you’re actually making it harder for buyers to make a decision, not easier!  

Learning Outcomes:

It’s one part entertaining, one part head-slapping “of course I should be doing this!” and one part immediately actionable, attendees will walk away from this session with a core understanding of how the brain engages, prioritizes and decides. We’ll then explore simple ways to optimize for the buying brain in their prospecting, positioning and messaging. They will gain easy-to-implement ways to remove friction from the buying journey you take prospects and customers on to shift the deck towards action!

Want to explore a possible session with Todd?

Want to explore a possible session with Todd?

Salespeople Ruin Everything! Using the Original Design of Sales to Predict and Thrive in its Future

Would you believe that in the early 1900s, the selling profession was not only trusted and respected, it was actually admired!

What was the original design and purpose of “modern” B2B sales? Why was sales being taught in most every university, and also in high schools? Why would a sitting President of the United States keynote a sales conference in the middle of a World War? Why was the phrase “Buyers know more nowadays” spoken in 1912 as a threat to the profession, but instead the profession thrived?

The answers tell us everything we need to know about the true role of sales, how to prepare for the future of the profession, and how to get our mojo back as an admired career path.

Learning Outcomes:
Attendees will walk away from this session with a fresh perspective on the role of sales profession, how to use sales technology for good (not evil), develop true empathy for the buying brain, and create a new differentiator; differentiating in the way you sell.

What People Are Saying

Unsolicited Testimonials, Feedback & Endorsements

Justin Michael

Todd Caponi is one of the best there is in the world. If I hadn’t received training at the Salesforce Boot Camp many years ago, I wouldn’t be the seller/speaker/presenter I am today! People talk a lot about how nobody retains sales training, I can still perfectly remember nearly everything he taught us and that was nearly a decade ago. #ThanksTodd

Bryan Naas

Todd brings a level of passion, expertise, and storytelling that is nearly impossible to replicate. Our reps were as engaged as I’ve ever seen them. Weeks later, I still hear them referencing their notes and discussing the tips they picked up during his session.

Jason de Boer

Todd Caponi is my favorite sales guru. Love when he gets going during his presentations. His energy is infectious.

Jesse Ouellette

“Todd is a legend! He’s on my Mount Rushmore of Sales. Maybe the best couple of hours I’ve ever spent in sales training. Todd was real & legit. I already bought the book and am reading it, and look forward to bringing him back!”

Counterintuitive Ways to Thrive During Economic Uncertainty

We’ve seen this movie before. We know how it ends. We know how the heroes not only survive during uncertain economic times, but know how they thrive, too! Four different economies in two years:

(1) The Early 2020 Economy

(2) The Covid 2020 Economy

(3) The Hypergrowth 2021 Economy

(4) The Constricting 2022-23 Economy

There’s no doubt you’ve already read articles, talked to experts, and made 100-level shifts. So has everyone else. So…now what? 

In this session, we’ll walk through three 200-level counterintuitive shifts you can make immediately…three shifts nobody else appears to be talking about, which should make you slap your head and exclaim, “Of Course!” 

Learning Outcomes:
You audience will leave this session with a new appreciation for the customers and prospects you serve – how they are prioritizing, engaging and making investments. We’ll use that basis to explore three immediately actionable ways to shift your engagement approach, focus, planning and execution. You’ll stand out, and be a trusted advisor to your clients instead of a necessary evil.

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Questions About Todd’s Programs?

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