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The Transparent Sales Leader

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The Transparent Sales Leader

The Transparent Sales Leader challenges long-held sales leadership standards, providing a modern, cards-face-up, science-backed, easy-to implement framework for today’s sales leaders.

Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale, brings the science of transparency and intrinsic inspiration to the pages of this book, in a simple-to-understand and-
implement structure to help you get the job, plan, strategize and communicate to your team, your bosses, and even your board.

Hitting a revenue target is not the job, it’s the outcome. The inspiration of your team is only “coin operated” if you’re doing it wrong. In the end, you’ll see the holes before they form. You’ll stop chasing, andstart growing.

Available July 5, 2022

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The Transparent Sales Leader

About the Author
Todd Caponi

An award winning sales leader, Todd Caponi’s passion is for all things sales methodology, learning theory and decision science. His expertise is in building the revenue capacity for technology companies, having served in senior leadership roles, helping one organization to a successful IPO followed by an exit valued at almost $3B, won the American Business "Stevie" Award winner for VP of WW Sales of the Year, and is also a former owner / operator a sales training and consulting company.



“This is my favorite sales strategy book of all time. it is a fully realized selling system, not just a slogan. It describes everything from email strategies to how to get and why to get references to negotiating strategies and dealing with legal.This book is essential. I wish every salesperson in America would read it and take it to heart.”

Josh Bernoff

Bestselling Author and Writing Coach

“Todd brings a level of passion, expertise, and storytelling that is nearly impossible to replicate. Our reps were as engaged as I’ve ever seen them. Weeks later, I still hear them referencing their notes and discussing the tips they picked up during his session.”


Bryan Naas

Director, Sales Enablement at Lessonly

“Todd Caponi is my favorite sales guru. Love when he gets going during his presentations. His energy is infectious.”

Jason de Boer

Chief Revenue Officer