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Workshops For Your Revenue Team

We now know how human beings engage, prioritize, decide and ultimately buy. Wouldn’t that be super useful in your selling efforts (if used for good, not evil of course)?

These programs teach (in a fun, relatable and immediately actionable way) the behavioral science of decision making, which we then apply to your…

Optimize Your Messaging, Positioning & Overall Buying Journey

Choreography Your Formal Messaging / Presentations

Transparent Negotiations: Discount Less & Build Trust

Workshops For Your Revenue Leaders

Being successful at sales leadership starts with having a framework for the role – a structure from which you can easily plan, strategize and communicate.

Having a structure will put your leaders ahead of 99% of the rest of the revenue leadership world. Having a structure optimized by the behavioral science of intrinsic inspiration and performance will extend their lead for the rest of their careers. Build a more efficient, optimized, fundamentally sound, inspired team while also optimizing the way you forecast and measure in this 2- to 3-part program. 

Want to explore the potential of a workshop for your team? 

Want to explore the potential of a workshop for your team?

Workshops For Your Revenue Teams

Pick & Choose – custom 90-120 minute highly interactive, entertaining & immediately actionable programs. 

All programs include:

  • Record them – they become an internal training asset, too!
  • Workbooks – to focus & memorialize learning
  • Reinforcement – 2-4 weeks later, a virtual reinforcement session

Messaging, Positioning & Buyer Journey Workshop

Attendees gain a core understanding of how the brain engages, prioritizes, and decides. We’ll then explore simple ways to optimize for the buying brain in your prospecting, positioning, and messaging. They will gain easy-to-implement ways to remove friction from the buying journey you take prospects and customers on to shift the deck towards action!

They’ll win faster, win more often, and they’ll lose the deals they were going to lose anyway…only faster!

Transparent Negotiations Workshop*

Attendees will learn a SIMPLE framework for how they discuss pricing, propose pricing, and most importantly negotiate pricing, know how to implement the four levers, and have conversational turnarounds to stand up strong to the most common issues that come up. (i.e., the price must come down, we need termination for convenience, monthly billing requests, “we won’t be able to sign before the end of the quarter”, etc.).

They’ll have more confidence, build trust (instead of erode it via traditional approaches), discount less and have more predictable deals.

*MOST POPULAR PROGRAM – Video above describes the program in more detail

Formal Messaging Choreography 

Traditional presentation choreographies literally run 180 degrees from how our brains decide and build consensus. In this program, we fix that. It doesn’t throw out an existing deck, it simply reorders your formal messaging in a way that tells a consensus-building story. Your presentations will become focused not on how great you are, but instead on how great your prospect can be. Attendees are also provided with an easy-to-follow way to prepare and choreograph each of their formal messaging engagements.

They’ll build consensus faster and differentiate in the way they sell!

What People Are Saying

Unsolicited Testimonials, Feedback & Endorsements

Kirk Owens

Gold nuggets litter Todd’s path… I do all I can to pick ALL of  them up!

Robby Halford

The best thing about everything Todd talks about, is how crazy easy they are to implement across a sales team. We have implemented many of the practices he describes (especially the four levers) and we have seen great improvements in our sales results.

Josh Bernoff

This is my favorite sales strategy book of all time. It is a fully realized selling system, not just a slogan. It describes everything from email strategies to how to get and why to get references to negotiating strategies and dealing with legal. This book is essential. I wish every salesperson in America would read it and take it to heart.

Colm Holland

Todd spoke last year at a conference I attended, and I am still using the concepts and lessons he taught. If you need to get your team fired up again in these challenging times – I cannot recommend Todd too highly. He will be the spark to ignite them!

For Your Leaders

 This 3-part program (90-minutes each) teaches the foundational framework/ structure for what revenue leadership is, how to use it for…well, everything, and how to optimize each element within it! (Just like above, record it for internal use, attendees receive a workbook and reinforcement)

Part 1: The Revenue Capacity Framework

Participants learn a simple framework for sales leadership – to ensure they’re thinking about and strategizing around each of the 5 areas that maximize revenue capacity. They’ll also gain a simple means to ensure communication consistency with their leaders, employees, teams, and board/investors (if applicable). They will also have the structure on each so they can immediately apply the learning’s. They’ll stop chasing and start growing.

Part 2: Custom Element Deep Dive

Within the structure, based on your priorities and desired outcomes, we’ll dive deep into optimizing the elements you need optimized!

Focus: No more science projects – getting your team focused on the optimal targets
Field: Optimizing your territory deployment, recruiting, tools & resources
Fundamentals: Arm your leaders with ways to ensure their teams are getting the right things right, always
Forecast: Mind-blowing ways to predict the future, including what to actually measure

Part 3: Maximizing Engagement: The Science & Tactics

Salespeople are coin operated…if you’re doing it wrong. Performance and turnover are optimized when variable compensation is the reward for doing work they are intrinsically inspired to do – not the motivator. Here we gain an understanding of the engaged employee brain along with a checklist encompassing the 6-categories that drive engagement. We also dig into company-specific approaches and techniques attendees can immediately apply to create a workplace where the team stays, performs and advocates.

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