Turning Transparency & Clinical Empathy Into Your Revenue Superpower

Combining Behavioral Science With Specific Actions To Optimize cycle lengths, win rates & qualification in or OUT.

Consensus selling is hard. Consensus buying is harder. Considering how our buyers all, for the most part, are continuing to be working remotely like you, their journey has become considerably more difficult.

And what’s making it even worse? When making a decision, our brains subconsciously stack the deck towards the easier path. In this session, we’ll explore the science of how decisions get triggered in our brains and true (beyond the cliche) buyer empathy, then reveal simple ways to stack the deck back in your direction.

Learning Outcomes:

Attendees will walk away from this session with a core understanding of how the brain engages, prioritizes and decides. We’ll then explore simple ways to optimize for the buying brain in their prospecting, positioning and messaging. They will gain easy-to-implement ways to remove friction from the buying journey you take prospects and customers on to shift the deck towards action!

The results? Faster sales cycles, better qualification in & out resulting in improved win rates & resource efficiency, reduced churn.

Hire Todd for a workshop at your business!

Hire Todd for a workshop at your business!

Transparent Negotiations

Have you ever felt like learning to negotiate takes an entirely different personality than that required to aid the buyer through the rest of their decision-making journey? We build trust, build a relationship, then when the customer says “yes”, we basically start lying…using negotiation techniques taught in hostage negotiation classes.

There’s a better way – a way that builds trust through the goal line instead of eroding it. A way that makes your deals more valuable, and more predictable.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the session, attendees will have a SIMPLE framework for how they discuss pricing, propose pricing, and most importantly negotiate pricing, know how to implement the four levers and have conversational turnarounds to stand up strong to the most common issues that come up. (i.e., the price must come down, we need termination for convenience, monthly billing requests, “we won’t be able to sign before the end of the quarter”, etc.).

The results? Less discounting/more valuable deals, more predictable forecasting & trust building right through to the goal line.

What People Are Saying

Unsolicited Testimonials, Feedback & Endorsements

Kirk Owens

Gold nuggets litter Todd’s path… I do all I can to pick ALL of  them up!

Robby Halford

The best thing about everything Todd talks about, is how crazy easy they are to implement across a sales team. We have implemented many of the practices he describes (especially the four levers) and we have seen great improvements in our sales results.

Josh Bernoff

This is my favorite sales strategy book of all time. It is a fully realized selling system, not just a slogan. It describes everything from email strategies to how to get and why to get references to negotiating strategies and dealing with legal. This book is essential. I wish every salesperson in America would read it and take it to heart.

Colm Holland

Todd spoke last year at a conference I attended, and I am still using the concepts and lessons he taught. If you need to get your team fired up again in these challenging times – I cannot recommend Todd too highly. He will be the spark to ignite them!

The Presentation Choreography

Combining behavioral science with simple application, an easy way to reorder your presentations to not only tell a great story, but compel your listeners to action.

How did this happen? The traditional presentation choreography, used by so many organizations around the world for many years, runs opposite to how our brains engage, decide, and build consensus.

Stories and emotion bind…and while some have shifted to story-based-selling, those stories often make you the hero, instead of your customer.

In this session, we’ll explore why a typical presentation doesn’t work, and how to choreograph your sales presentations to not only tell a great story, but compel the audience to action.

(hint: it involves reality makeover TV)

Learning Outcomes:
Attendees will leave this session with a choreography they can use to prepare and deliver their messaging and presentations. It does not throw out an existing deck, it reorders it in a way that tells a consensus-building story. Your presentations will become focused not on how great you are, but instead on how great your prospect can be. Your team will learn the three core ways typical positioning & presenting polarizes the buying brain and a consensus buying group. They are also provided with an easy-to-follow way to prepare and choreography each of their formal messaging engagements.

The results? Faster sales cycles, clearer differentiation leading to higher win rates, increased deal values.

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Leadership, Part 1: The “Five F’s” of Building Revenue Capacity

Your salespeople have processes and structures. Do your managers? Probably not. Sales leadership isn’t just about pipeline and goal attainment. Maximizing team performance is the optimization of five core areas required to build revenue capacity:

  • Ensuring the team has “Focus” to spend time on the right opportunities in the right regions at the right time,
  • Structuring and deploying your “Field” organization to maximize effectiveness, efficiency & output based on your “Focus”,
  • Teaching, driving and measuring the “Fundamentals” into your “Field” that maximize effectiveness…like positioning, prospecting skills, presentations, negotiations, and time management,
  • Predicting the future by honing your and your organization’s ability to “Forecast” with greater accuracy, and,
  • Creating an environment where your team has “Fun” every day, driving engagement, loving what they do, who they do it with, and who they do it for.
In this portion of the workshop, leaders will be taught this vitally important framework, with each section dissected and discussed so your leaders have the tools and mindset to maximize their impact. These five also become the means of planning, execution and communication (including your 1-on-1’s) throughout the organization.

Learning Outcomes:
Participants learn a simple framework to ensure they’re thinking about and strategizing around each of the 5 areas that drive revenue capacity, along with a simple means to ensure communication consistency with their leaders, employees, teams and board/investors if applicable. They will also have the structure within each area so they can immediately apply the learnings.

Questions About One Of Todd’s Workshops?

Questions About One Of Todd’s Workshops?

Leadership, Part 2: The P.R.A.I.S.E. Model for Maximizing Intrinsic Inspiration


How do your leaders drive engagement and motivation? Do they have a true understanding of what drives individuals to show up every day, do their best, stay and become advocates to their friends?

In today’s environment, where the demand for great people far exceeds the supply, this understanding can be a huge competitive advantage. Couple that with the record-breaking high turnover the industry is experiencing, this skillset becomes doubly important.

In this session, we’ll explore the P.R.A.I.S.E. model for maximizing your team’s “intrinsic inspiration”, and avoid taking the brunt of the current turnover binge, and optimize our own environment to be a desirable destination for those leaving other organizations.

Learning Outcomes:
Attendees will leave this section with an understanding of the engaged employee brain, and have a checklist encompassing the 6-categories that drive engagement. Attendees will also have company-specific approaches and techniques they can immediately apply to create a magnetic workplace.