Help The Buyer Predict…That’s The Job

Jan 19, 2022 | Blog

Let’s work this whole sales thing backward for a moment.

Picture this. You’re considering buying something of substance.

Do you make said purchase when (a) you were convinced to buy it, or (b) when you’ve made a prediction where the conclusion is, “Yes, this is the right place to put my time, resources, and dollars versus the other options of where I should put my time, resources and dollars”?

Knowing what we know about decision and behavioral science, our brains are prediction machines. We don’t buy when we’re convinced. We buy when we feel we can predict. 

We buy when that prediction tells us the juice will be worth the squeeze.

Ok, now consider this question. When you’re considering buying something of substance, is your prediction ever, “this solution is perfect”? “There is nothing that is or could go wrong with this purchase.”? “There is no trade-off at all…this is the mostest perfectest thing on the planet Earth.”?

Nope. Never.

We, as human beings, subconsciously know that perfection does not exist. There is always a downside. There is always something being given up. There is always something that isn’t perfect.

Ok, let’s put our salesperson hat back on.

It’s 2022. The means by which a buyer can make a prediction about what their experience with your solutions is easier than ever. The proliferation of reviews and feedback on everything is now a fact of life. The ability to connect and network with peers who have potentially experienced your solution is easier than ever.

If you believe this to be true, our goal should be to get a buyer to an accurate prediction as quickly as possible, right? An accurate prediction that either leads to you, or to another solution, right? Win…or if you’re going to lose, lose fast.

Does everyone agree so far?

If so, then why do we try to convince?

Why do we present our competitors as the flawed ones…and ourselves as perfect?

Why do we not do the homework for the buyer, and focus on helping the buyer predict as quickly as possible? By not having this mindset, we’re slowing down buying process. We win less often. We lose more slowly. And the outcome is almost the exact same either way!

Help the buyer predict! That’s the job…

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