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Jan 12, 2022 | Blog

I once knew a guy who was a senior-level exec at a technology company. He commuted 100 minutes each way every non-travel day into the city to his job. Most days, 2pm was “Advil time”. He didn’t sleep enough. He certainly wasn’t exercising enough.

Sounds awful, right? Well – that dude was me. (pic – paparazzi photo of me working in my office)

And I kinda loved it. The thrill of building a revenue machine. The thrill of leading a team to achieve more than they thought they could. The end of quarter adrenaline rush. The results we’d deliver to clients.   

A few years ago, I had a revelation. It started from a consumer research study, then multiplied through my nerdery for behavioral science research. When applying that revelation to the world of B2B sales, the profession I love, the impacts were almost magical on win rates, cycle lengths, and overall buyer satisfaction. Like a lunatic, I left that executive job to write a book. I had to get the ideas out there…not just for me, but for what I thought it meant to the profession. That book was The Transparency Sale.

I honestly thought the book might suck. I’d write it, talk about it for a few months, and get a job again. I incorporated – making up what I thought was a funny company name (Sales Melon LLC) based on a line from the movie So I Married An Ax Murderer. I built a crappy website. Off I went.

Well, the transparency philosophy has taken off. Here we are 3+ years later. I’m teaching and speaking more than ever. My business is growing and expanding. And I’m writing another book. While I loved that old life…I love this one more. 

This is a long way of announcing that I’ve also decided to have a website built that looks like I’m an adult – running a real business. Today we launch that site…

It’s designed to be easier to navigate, full of free articles, videos and podcast episodes, and hopefully more visually friendly. Probably too many pictures of my melon…but that’s for another day…

Would love your feedback. Reach out to me directly at, or shoot a note through the contact form on the site. What do you wish was here? Where did we screw up? What do you like?

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* Huge thank you to Phil Reinhardt for his work on the site. The guy is a pro, awesome to work with, taught me so much, specializes in the speaking business, and I highly recommend him…


  1. Robin Sutherland-Hunt

    Congrats on the new platform. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience, and life lessons. Now marked as a favorite.

    • Todd Caponi

      Thank you, Robin!

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